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Lyrics to Sky Blue Songs
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7,000 Miles
Are You in A Rut
Saul Had The Blues
Joseph Was a Dream Guy
I Would Rather Have Nothing
Pickin' on the Patio
What Would Jesus Drive?


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The Stories Behind the Songs. 

What Would Jesus Drive?

“What would Jesus Do?” is a common expression suggesting that we should live our lives just as Jesus would have. What would Jesus have done in any given situation? In our car-driven culture, often we are what we drive. We choose out automobiles based on what statement we want to make about ourselves as much as for the utility value.

With that in mind, we began to think about what kind of car Jesus would drive if He were here today. Depending upon your view of Jesus, there are a variety of responses. We looked at some of the characteristics of Jesus and wrote a song naming different cars that might be appropriate for some of the ways we see Him.

Because of His affinity for children we started with a school bus or maybe a minivan. Because of His many personal relationships and big car would be good. Pearl paint and golden trim remind us of heaven with its pearly gates and streets of gold. A Chevrolet suggests His ability to relate to people in general. Of course, no matter what kind of car He would drive, there would be a reason and purpose.

7,000 Miles

A few years ago, a friend of ours, named Connie, was feeling depressed. She was out of work, caring for an older parent, and generally not doing well. She commented that she just wanted to get on her motorcycle and ride, to see how far she could go. She was encouraged to do just that.

So off she went. A single woman, alone on her big Kawasaki Vulcan, she returned a month later, rejuvenated with lots of stories of her amazing 7,000 mile ride.

We were so inspired that she actually did it, that we wrote a song about her adventure and realizations about life.

 Joseph Was a Dream Guy

The third chapter of Matthew in the Bible tells the story leading up to the birth of Christ. When Joseph found out that his fiancé, Mary, was pregnant and he knew he wasn’t the father, he was very alarmed. But an angel appeared to him in a dream telling him not to be alarmed and that this child was going to be the Savior of the world. Three more times in this chapter an angel appeared to Joseph in dreams with specific instructions.

God speaks to us in many different ways. For Joseph, it was through an angel in dreams. Yes, Joseph was a dream guy.

 Saul Had the Blues

I Samuel 16: 14-23 tells the story about Saul, the King of Israel, who had fallen into a deep depression. The Bible says, “an evil spirit tormented him.” One of the King’s assistants suggested “music” to cheer him up. 

The search began and they found a brave man who was also a warrior named, David, knew how to play the harp.  He spoke well and was a fine-looking man and the Lord was with him. Wow, what a recommendation.

So David played for Saul and according to scripture… “Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him.”

David went on to kill the giant, Goliath, and eventually replace Saul as King of Israel. Through it all he wrote songs, many of which are collected in the Book of Psalms. Many of the Psalms are about hardship, trials, despair, rejoicing, and praising God - all the makings of today’s blues. Yes, David was the original “King of the Blues.”

Does Anybody Really Care?

We have all become jaded to the suffering and injustice around us. It seems like the bad news that wrecks people’s lives goes in one ear and out the other. It makes us wonder if anybody really cares at all about other people’s suffering.

I’d Rather Have Nothing Than Settle For Less

A friend walked in one day and commented about what a great place we had to work in and what a ood time he was having. He then said, “You know, I’d rather have nothing than settle for less.” So it makes one think about the things that are truly important in life. It is not the material things that matter, but peace, love, joy, and friendships that make life worthwhile. I’d rather have no luxuries at all than settle for less than peace with God and a joy filled life.

 Hand It Over

This song was written by Keb Mo and refers to I Peter 5:7 which says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” Jesus wants us to cast our concerns and anxieties in Him. ” “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matthew 11:30. 

Are You In A Rut or in a Groove?

Sometimes it is just a matter of perspective.   Are we stuck in the daily grind, or are things finally going well.  It might just be a difference in attitude, or it may be time to get off the couch and do something new.  Maybe something that you have been wanting to do for a long time.

 Pickin’ On The Patio

In 2003, Jim Mathis, Bob Kaat-Wohlert, and Theresa Kaat-Wohlert began hosting a Monday night open-mic jam-session at Homer’s Coffee House. Out of that experience, Sky Blue was born. This song tells the story of “Pickin’ on the Patio” and has become the theme song for that summer series.

 Oh Devil

Our friend, Randy Davenport, wrote this song about staying away from temptation.   As Christians, we are new creations with no place for the devil and his temptations in our lives.

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