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History of Sky Blue

Theresa Kaat and Bob Wohlert met while playing in a church praise band in Independence, Missouri. They became the Kaat-Wohlerts in July of 2001. Soon they were enjoying life and playing music together in various groups around the Kansas City area.

In 2002 they joined a traditional acoustic band called Electric Prairie. There they met fellow band member, Jim Mathis. Jim Asked them to host a weekly outdoor jam session called Pickin' on the Patio that he was starting at his coffeehouse, Homer's Coffee House in Overland Park, Kansas.

Through their involvement with Pickin' on the Patio, their friendship grew and Bob, Theresa, and Jim felt called to start a Christian blues band.

They met through the winter of 2004-2005 deciding what music they should play and the direction the band should take. Since the three are all multi-instrumentalists with backgrounds in many genres of music, this was no small task. Even deciding who would play what instruments was not a given. Doug Gunn joined the group on drums. A few months later Doug was replaced by Wes Burrows.

The band played their first gig in March 2005 and have been playing regularly ever since. Internationally known guitarist, Charles David Smart has been a frequent guest with Sky Blue.

One of the unusual aspects of Sky Blue is the use of a pedal steel guitar. The pedal steel is most closely connected to country music and is often considered the defining sound of country. But encouraged by the rise of steel player, Robert Randolph in rock music, Sky Blue decided to incorporate it into their sound as well.

The result is a mixture of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bonnie Raitt, and Delbert McClinton - all mixed with Christian themes and the love of Christ poured out generously.

In 2008 the band began writing their own material. Typically Jim Mathis writes the lyrics, Bob Kaat-Wohlert provides the chord progression, rhythm, and general direction of the song. Theresa Kaat-Wohlert adds the melody and finishing touches. The result is a very creative team where each person's input is important to the result.

Their CD of mostly original songs, "What Would Jesus Drive?" is now available.