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What Would Jesus Drive?
Homer's October 17, 2009

Oh Devil - electric version from Homer's Coffee House
October 17, 2009


Saul Had the Blues - Acoustic version recorded
at the Oasis Coffee Bar in Raytown, MO 1-9-09

This song is taken from I Samuel 16 where Saul calls
David to come play for him to take away the "evil spirit."


Oh, Devil - recorded at The Oasis Coffee Bar in Raytown, MO 1-9-09
"Oh Devil" was written by Randy Davenport. Randy joins us on back-up vocals for this song.


Saul Had The Blues - electric version 1-17-09
recorded at Homer's Coffee House


7,000 Miles - 12-27-08
recorded at Homer's Coffee House
This song was about a 7,000 mile motocycle ride by our friend Connie.
She road throught-out the western part of the United States for a month in 2007.

Joseph Was a Dream Guy - 12-27-08
Taken from Matthew 3, an angel appeared to Joseph in three dreams.


All songs copyright Mathis-Kaat-Wohlert (except Oh Devil, which is by Randy Davenport)